Monday, July 24, 2006

Developments on Their Way In and Out

Cool "tweak-able" search engine:

Your new home page with drag-and-drop modules:

Web document sharing service (that is, once they move to Google's system):

E-mail? (I recently read a blog on this and now I can't find it. I've learned my lesson-clip everything!)

I get a little worried about the implementation of Social Media officers/execs/VPs. What happens if/when blogs go the way of the chatroom? Perhaps that's the beauty in such an ambiguous term like "social media"--SMO's will simply evolve into the next new method of talk-less communication.

By the way, when typing a smiley in an e-mail, does the period go directly after the right parenthesis? (the smile) Should one space over a couple of spaces before typing the period? And if a smiley is at the end of a statement that is in parenthesis, how does one close the parenthesis? Is the smile considered the closure? If not, is there a space between the smile and the parenthesis closure? How many spaces?


Chris Posey

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