Wednesday, June 21, 2006

6-21-06,after lunch

New Wine in Old Wineskins
Just attended a lunch meeting with the Tulsa chapter of the BMA. (That's Business Marketing Association to those of you who, like me at this point, have not yet been fully baptized into the marketing industry.) The discussion was incredibly interesting: New media vs. traditional advertising. The speakers were all quite able veterans, two from web marketing firms (speaking loosely), one from the radio and television side, and one CEO of a direct mail company in town. There was a great deal of discussion about blogging, especially with regard to reaching Gen Y. The discussion inspired me to ask the following:

1. How can blogging be used in the corporate setting?
2. What industries may benefit most/least from blogging?
-and one of personal interest:
3. Is it now a necessity for new, progressive, up-and-coming marketers to be proficient in web authoring?

Incidentally, I was informed of and invited to said lunch meeting by the creator of "Casual Fridays," a branding/marketing/management blog that you will find listed in my blog links to the right. Visit his blog. He has a lot of interesting posts.

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