Friday, June 16, 2006

Lunch 6-16-06

I just downed a surprisingly good Arby's sub right here at the very desk I am producing this blog from. I ended up using my lunch hour to get a haircut (uh, yeah I wore my badge), so I had to do my eating in the cube afterwards.

My Cube
Yes, I have my very own cubicle. You may think, "You're stuck in a cubicle?" But actually, it's not so bad. I don't see it as my only space-I see the entire floor, nay, the entire sky-scraping building as my space. My cubicle is simply a place where I can get some quiet privacy when I want to do some work. When I began here on June 1, I was shown to my cubicle (or "cube" as most people who know their way around a business office call it). Outside my cube was stapled a piece of paper with my name on it. I was pretty excited that I was already claiming space in the building. Then, as I entered, I saw on my desk an array of mini-insulated thermoses, water bottles, and other chachkies, each lovingly embossed with the company name and logo. I was elated, and I now alternate thermoses, red-and-blue, each day, and of course, as I drink my coffee each morning, the logos must face me.

The Lunch Hour
I referred previously to my lunch hour. This is also a new phenomenon. As a teacher, I eat when the students eat. I get 55 minutes to eat, a time period rigidly defined by sounding bells at its beginning and end. I meet other teachers in the lounge (going out to eat, and certainly getting a haircut, would simply not be possible in this block of time) and typically, we discuss students. All of you who wonder if teachers sit around and talk about students in the teacher's lounge during lunch, the answer is a resounding yes. But at my internship, I can take lunch, pretty much whenever I want. As long as I don't have a conflict or something that needs to be finished immediately, I would dare say that I could eat lunch as early as 10:00 AM or as late as 3:00 PM. A couple of days ago, I had to see my doctor (nothing bad). The only time he had available was 10:20. I ran it by my manager at the beginning of the day, and a couple of hours later, I was in his office.

Soon, I hope to get to a potentially significant topic of this blog: marketing.
Next time: How does one decide to go from teaching to the corporate world?


Chris Posey

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